Roundabout Nursery
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The Barn Day Nursery
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Girton Nursery
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The main players in the company are:

Glen: A qualified teacher and Early Years Professional whose remit is to organise the day-to day running of the nurseries and to monitor and maintain the high standards and quality we have come to expect.


Charlotte: A qualified teacher and Early Years Professional who previously had a career in immunology as a research scientist and is very knowledgeable in medical matters. Charlotte is responsible for the quality of early years experience at all the settings.

David: The Company Secretary, runs our main office, maintains the financial and legal records, produces newsletters and general correspondence and can often be seen at the nurseries 'mending things'.

Sheila: The manager of Roundabout Nursery has been with the company since March 1996 and is a highly valued member of our team. Sheila organises the day-to-day running of our St Ives setting and makes sure that we are continuing to fulfil the needs of the Early Years Foundation Curriculum and any other current legal requirements.

Laura: The manager of The Barn Day Nursery is well qualified has a great deal of experience and has been with us for many years.  It is Laura's remit to make sure the busy nursery runs smoothly.


Sonya. Our manager at Girton Nursery has high expectations for the setting.  She has established Forest Days and has been responsible for the movement into the new extended facility.

Dancing Emma. The children love the enthusiasm and energy that Emma gives to her lessons.  When the children hear her music, even when she is not around, they quickly begin moving to her routines.


Stephen. Provides Monkeynastix exercise classes. He makes exercise fun for both the staff and the children.  His cheerful disposition gets even the most reluctant individual up and moving.


Cristina.Based at our Roundabout nursery Cristina is a qualified teacher, from sunny Cadiz; she visits our other settings to give a gentle introduction to Spanish conversation.  We are amazed at how much the children learn in a very short time.

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