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This policy has been written with regard to the legal framework:

Aims and Objectives

All children and adults will be respected for their individuality and their potential will be recognised, valued and nurtured.

Admission and Inclusion

We welcome all children to our Nursery and whenever possible will include children who have additional needs.

Please see admissions Policy for further details.

Role of Staff in promoting equalities and diversity

A member of staff will attend training to become the Equalities Named Coordinator. Their name will be displayed on the parents' notice board.

All staff will be offered opportunities to attend equalities related training either through external courses or bespoke training in the Nursery.

Information about Equalities and Diversity will be part of the Staff Recruitment, and Staff Induction process.

Please see Recruitment Policy for further details


Activities and play equipment offer the children an opportunity to develop in an environment free of prejudice and discrimination. We will ensure that all children have access to all kinds of activities and are equally encouraged to learn from them.

Resources will be chosen to give children a balanced view of the world and an appreciation of the rich diversity of our multi-cultural society.

Materials will be selected to help children to develop self-respect and to respect others by avoiding stereotypes and by using images and words which reflect the contribution of all members of society.

Record Keeping

Any discriminatory language, behaviour or remarks by children, parents, staff or any other adults is unacceptable in the nursery. Our response will aim to demonstrate support for the victim(s), and to help those answerable to understand and overcome their prejudices and to make it clear that such behaviour will not be tolerated.

A record of any such racial incidents observed in adults or children will be recorded on the Racial |Incident form, and a copy will be forwarded to the Equality Manager, Early Years and Childcare.

Working with Parents

Basic information will, whenever possible, be clearly communicated in as many languages as are appropriate. Children and parents who have English as a second or additional language will be valued and recognised as an asset to the nursery.

Children's medical, cultural and dietary needs will be identified during the admissions process, and these needs will be actively supported.

Please see Medical Policy and EAL protocol

We will make every effort to ensure that parents' evenings are held when the majority of parents are able to attend and have an equal opportunity to be involved and informed about the nursery.

Links with the wider community

At our Nursery we try to engage children in the wider community through trips out, visitors coming in to share experiences with the children, and by promoting environmental awareness and marking different cultural events.

Child Participation

Staff are trained to listen to children effectively, and to allow children to express opinions, preferences and dislikes. A key worker system, and regular review by room staff ensure that opportunities for sharing the child’s perspective are built into the regular routine and planning.

Children are regularly offered choices both in their activities and in managing their behaviour.

Evaluation Process

This policy is accompanied by an Action Plan, and will be evaluated on an annual basis by the whole staff team.

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