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1.All fees must be paid by the 10th of the current month and, preferably, by Standing Order or direct bank transfer. Any dishonoured cheques or late payments incur a penalty charge of £25.00 2. A 10% discount applies to fees of children, from the same family, when attending together. 3. If your requirements do not change from week to week then please complete a monthly requirements form. 4. If your requirements change from week to week then please complete a weekly requirements form which must be returned by the 21st day of the previous month. 5 Children are currently eligible for government funding from the term after their third birthday. Fifteen hours of free nursery education per week can be taken at any time over a minimum of three days. The amount you are claiming will show as a credit on your monthly account, but we are able to spread it throughout the year so that parents can pay equal monthly amounts by Standing Order or direct transfer. 6. There is no reduction of fees for holidays or sickness; however, you are able to get 3 weeks holiday free of fees by paying monthly by standing order. If your nursery day falls on a Bank Holiday you will still have to pay for that day. The monthly standing order fee is calculated by multiplying your weekly bill by 49 and dividing by 12. Any fees over the average are added to the invoice and paid for separately. 7. Four weeks notice, in writing, of leaving the nursery is required, or four weeks fees in lieu. 8. Because of the amount of information we need to record regarding a child’s development for both Ofsted and the County Council we can accept children for no less than 2 short days or 3 sessions per week. 9. We try to be as flexible as we can to accommodate the needs of parents but we cannot swap days you have paid for into other weeks and you cannot use days for other children when you are on holiday. 10. If you do not have consistent days and hours you will be charged at an average of your last few weeks when you are on holiday. 11. When you leave us, if you forget to cancel Standing Orders and voucher payments we will make a charge of £10 to cover the administration charges for each entry. 12. Failure to make payment will be referred to our Debt Collection Agency whose charges, plus any legal fees, will be added to the invoice debt. 13. A non-returnable booking fee of £50 will secure a place at the nursery and for this you will receive a draw-string bag, sun hat, drinking beakers, development folders and any other personal items your child may need for their level of development.
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