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Government funding

Children are currently eligible for government funding from the term after their third birthday. Fifteen hours of free nursery education per week, or thirty if you are eligible, is provided on a term time basis. The amount you are claiming will show as a credit on your monthly account, but we are able to spread it throughout the year so that parents can pay equal monthly amounts by Standing Order or direct transfer. It is parent’s responsibility to apply and renew their 30 hour eligibility code. We cannot claim funding if we do not have a completed declaration form and a valid code. A fee of 50p per funded hour is charged to cover meals and extracurricular activities.

We have been accepted to provide free nursery places under the Government Nursery Education Funding Scheme and, at present, children - in the term after their 3rd birthday - are eligible for 15 hours of Government funding per week over a minimum of 3 days.  Monthly payers can be stretched over 12 months

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